• Product Type: Wide Coil, KME Pre-weathered zinc, ZINKMETAL
  • Category: Zinkmetal

Titanium zinc, pre-patinated to vintage grey or vintage black.  The colours are very stable and will not suffer any substantial changes over time, maintaining its finish.  It eliminates any differences in the final colour of the cladding, and is therefore especially suitable for 'all over' cladding.

In Addition the KME ZINKMETAL can be supplied with a plastisol finish on it's backing to aid against corrosion.


width (mm)

thickness (mm) weight (kg/m) plastisol
1000 mm 0.7 mm 5.0 kg/m No
1000 mm 0.7 mm 5.1 kg/m








Additional Info

Different dimensions, colours and finishes available upon request


Brochures available for additional product and technical information

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