Specialists in Copper Brass & Bronze

We’re a family-owned second-generation business, when you trade with us, you’re trading with the owners. We directly import our materials to the highest standard and in options not available anywhere else in Australia. We strive to make our business better by saving our customers time and money, your success is our success

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Waterjet Cutting


Castings/ Specialty Alloys

Small quantity sales 1800mm or less direct to the public 24/7

About Australian Metals

Australian Metals started as a family business in 1994, continuing as a second generation business today, we are direct competitors to companies such as Austral Wright Metals, Brass & copper and George White.

Specialising in non ferrous material supply specifically copper based alloys including but not limited to copper sheet, brass sheet, bronze sheet, copper wide coil, brass wide coil, brass flat bar, brass angle, brass u channel, brass t section, brass round tube, brass square tube, gilding metal, bronze bar, hammered finishes, beryllium copper, nickel bronze to name a few 

Brass Sheet
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