Australian Metals have a variety of overseas contacts for importing larger quantities at competitive prices

  • Minimum orders suit 150kg
  • FCL 20,000kg containers
  • 12 weeks delivery
import metal

Importing materials from overseas can be a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to acquire high-quality products while managing expenses. Australian Metals, leveraging its extensive network of international contacts, specializes in providing such services, particularly in sourcing metal products.

The company’s focus is on facilitating the importation of metal from predominantly Europe, ensuring that all materials meet the highest quality standards. In addition to our European preference, we also source materials from all over the world which specialist partners from every corner of the globe, we have the utmost confidence in our product and offer 100% money back guarantee on any independently Nata tested products that don’t meet the standards quoted

This commitment to quality is evidenced by the provision of mill certificates with each sale, assuring customers of the product’s integrity and compliance with relevant standards.

Australian Metals’ can accommodate orders as small as 150kg all the way through to 20,000kg orders making it suitable for businesses that need larger quantities. We manage the importation of both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) containers, offering flexibility in order size and shipment volume.

One of the key advantages of choosing Australian Metals for importing needs is the significant cost savings passed onto the customer. This financial benefit is a result of the company’s ability to source products at competitive prices from its multinational partners. These savings are especially advantageous for customers who can align their procurement and project timelines with the company’s approx. 12-week delivery schedule.

The service is ideal for businesses that can plan around a three-month timeline, allowing for the smooth integration of the imported materials into their manufacturing or production processes. Australian Metals’ role in this process is not only as a supplier but also as a strategic partner, helping clients navigate the complexities of international sourcing and importation.

Customers interested in Australian Metals’ importing services are encouraged to contact the company for additional information and guidance tailored to their specific importation needs. This personalized approach ensures that each customer receives the support and information necessary to make informed decisions about their importing strategies.

More than ever supply chain is critical to the operation of every business and the ability to diversify supply from a number of locations allows for business protection/redundancy, this in addition to the ever complex shipping world with union action, route abstinence and price we look forward to at least offering some pricing to begin the discussion of working together

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