waterjet cutting


Brushed Finish


hammered texture sheet metal. Ideal for adding a touch of sophistication and unique aesthetic appeal




Transform your projects with our premium metalworking services:

  • Waterjet Cutting: Experience the cutting edge of precision with our waterjet service, perfect for custom cuts that require meticulous attention to detail. Our advanced machinery cuts through any metal with ease, leaving you with flawless results every time.
  • Brushed Finishes: Add a touch of class to your products with our brushed finishing service. Ideal for creating a refined, matte look that’s as stylish as it is durable, ensuring your items stand out with an understated elegance.
  • Hammered Textures: Give your metalwork a unique personality with our hammering service. Perfect for when you want to infuse your pieces with a handcrafted, artisanal feel that exudes quality and character.
  • Patina Finishing: For an antique or weathered look, our patina finishing is the way to go. It adds depth and a story to your metal surfaces, giving them a beautifully aged appearance that’s rich in history.

Choose our services for a superior finish that makes an impact. Let’s bring your vision to life with our combination of traditional techniques and modern technology!

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