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Aluminium Bronze

Aluminium Bronze (AB2) C95810

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Aluminium Bronze AB2 C95810 – Solid & Hollow Round

C95800/95810 Aluminium Bronze offers very good resistance to salt water corrosion with additional cavitation and erosion resistance.  Applications include bushings, gears, prop shafts, worm wheels/gears and additional marine applications.

specialty alloy

Chemical Composition

Copper (Cu)Tin (Sn)Lead (Pb)Zinc (Zn)Nickel (Ni)Manganese (Mn)Aluminium (AL)Iron (Fe)

Typical Mechanical Properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength700 MPa
Elongation15 %
Typical Hardness170 BHN
Proof Strength-

Aluminium Bronze AB2 C95810 Solids

Item CodeImperial SizeMetric SizesWeightQuantityAdd to Quote
AB2-38.101-1/2''38.10 mm9.41 kg/meter
AB2-44.451-3/4''44.45 mm14.85 kg/meter
AB2-50.802"50.80 mm16.39 kg/meter
AB2-63.502-1/2''63.50 mm25.30 kg/meter
AB2-76.203"76.20 mm36.13 kg/meter
AB2-88.903-1/2''88.90 mm49.74 kg/meter
AB2-101.604"101.60 mm64.55 kg/meter
AB2-127.005"127.00 mm101.74 kg/meter
AB2-177.807"177.80 mm199.91 kg/meter


Aluminium Bronze AB2 C95810 Hollows

Item CodeImperial Size ODImperial Size ODMetric Sizes ODMetric Sizes IDWeightQuantityAdd to Quote
AB2-50.80X25.402"1"50.80 mm25.40 mm13.50 kg/meter
AB2-63.50x25.401"1"63.50 mm25.40 mm22.80 kg/meter
AB2-69.85x38.102-3/4''1-1/2''69.85 mm38.10 mm24.40 kg/meter
AB2-76.20X25.403"1"76.20 mm25.40 mm33.90 kg/meter
AB2-76.20X38.103"1-1/2"76.20 mm38.10 mm28.9 kg/meter
AB2-88.90X25.403-1/2''1"88.90 mm25.40 mm48.15 kg/meter
AB2-101.6X50.84"2"101.6 mm50.80 mm51.24 kg/meter
AB2-114.30x31.754-1/2''1-3/4''114.30 mm31.75 mm76.70 kg/meter
AB2-152.40X76.206"3"152.40 mm76.20 mm116.90 kg/meter
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