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Brass Angle

Brass Angle

Product Type: Brass , Angle
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Brass Angle

Brass, celebrated for its radiant golden hue and resistance to corrosion, is a go-to material in numerous architectural and decorative projects, especially indoors.

Brass angles are unique products featuring two arms that create a perfect right angle. Typically, these angles are provided in equal lengths for both arms, although custom sizes with unequal lengths can be produced on special request.

Composition and Properties 

Predominantly, brass angles are crafted from Alloy 38010 or c38500. These alloy compositions impart the brass with its distinct golden shine. Available primarily in extruded forms like angles, flats, channels, and various custom profiles


When measuring brass angles, the focus is first on the length of each leg followed by the thickness. For instance, a 50 x 25 x 3 mm brass angle indicates one leg is 50mm, the other 25mm, and the thickness is 3mm. Measurements are taken from the outer surface of the legs. For more details on available metal types, shapes, and grades, please refer to the stock list at the bottom of this page.


Brass angles are highly valued for their robust mechanical properties, adaptability, and aesthetic appeal, making them ideal for a variety of applications. They are particularly useful in tiling or framing to ensure tile edges are maintained. Other common applications include:

  • Decorative architectural elements
  • Construction in the building industry
  • Marine industry projects
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Electrical components
  • And many more diverse applications

Custom made angles

In some cases customers require custom made angles to suit specific prdoucts, these can be produced out of sheet, we guillotine the sheet into strips and fold to specific angle dimensions.  Limitations to this approach mean we only work with 1mm thick material. Generally speaking this thickness is strictly for costmetic finishing only. Applications include flashing covers, edging for large areas where a reduced thickness can save significant costs etc

Brass Angle

Stock size list, most common, readily available and cost effective

We offer an assortment of off the shelf brass angle, the product is square edged and supplied in lengths of 3.6 metres.  We can offer services to cut to length and also mitre if required.


Item CodeLeg 1Leg 2ThicknessLengthWeight (kg)QuantityAdd to Quote
BR380/63.5x63.5x3.18x3600 Angle63.5mm63.5mm3.18mm3600mm12.1 kg
BR380/50.8x50.8x6.35x3600 Angle50.8mm50.8mm6.35mm3600mm18.5 kg
BR380/50.8x50.8x3.18x3600 Angle50.8mm50.8mm3.18mm3600mm9.6 kg
BR380/38.1x38.1x3.18x3600 Angle38.1mm38.1mm3.18mm3600mm7.1 kg
BR380/31.75x31.75x3.18x3600 Angle31.75mm31.75mm3.18mm3600mm5.9 kg
BR380/25.4x25.4x6.35x3600 Angle25.4mm25.4mm6.35mm3600mm8.7 kg
BR380/25.4x25.4x3.18x3600 Angle25.4mm25.4mm3.18mm3600mm4.7 kg
BR380/25.4x25.4x1.59x3600 Angle25.4mm25.4mm1.59mm3600mm2.4 kg
BR380/20.0x20.0x2.0x3600 Angle20mm20mm2.0mm3600mm2.4 kg
BR380/19.05x19.05x3.18x3600 Angle19.05mm19.05mm3.18mm3600mm3.4 kg
BR380/19.05x19.05x1.59x3600 Angle19.05mm19.05mm1.59mm3600mm1.8 kg
BR380/15.88x15.88x3.18x3600 Angle15.88mm15.88mm3.18mm3600mm3.0 kg
BR380/15.88x15.88x1.59x3600 Angle15.88mm15.88mm1.59mm3600mm1.5 kg
BR380/12.7x12.7x3.18x3600 Angle12.7mm12.7mm3.18mm3600mm2.2 kg
BR380/12.7x12.7x1.59x3600 Angle12.7mm12.7mm1.59mm3600mm1.2 kg
BR380/25.4x12.7x3.18x3600 Angle25.4mm12.7mm3.18mm3600mm3.5 kg
BR380/38.1x25.4x3.18x3600 Angle38.1mm25.4mm3.18mm3600mm6.0 kg
BR380/50.8x25.4x3.18x3600 Angle50.8mm25.4mm3.18mm3600mm7.2 kg
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