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Brass Hollow Bar

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Australian Metals have a variety of sizes, alloys, shapes and quantities of brass round hollow bar.

We continually grow our stocks and all sizes may not be listed.

Brass Hollow Bar

Item CodeAlloy GradeOD (inch/metric)XID (inch/metric)LengthLength Weight (kg)
385-15.88x11.51C385005/8x29/643600 mm3.5
385-17.46x10.00C3850011/16x10 mm3600 mm5.7
385-19.05x14.29C385003/4x9/163600 mm4.7
385-20.63x12.00C3850013/16x12 mm3600 mm7.8
385-22.22x10.00C385007/8x10 mm3600 mm10.7
385-22.22X12.70C385007/8x1/23600 mm9.2
385-22.22x14.29C385007/8x9/163600 mm8.2
385-23.81X15.08C3850015/16x9/323600 mm9.8
385-25.40X17.00C385001x17 mm3600 mm10.2
385-26.99X14.00C385001-1/16x14 mm3600 mm14.6
385-26.99x18.80C385001-1/16x18.80 mm3000 mm10.6
385-30.16x18.26C385001-3/16x23/323600 mm16.4
385-31.75x17.00C385001-1/4x17 mm3600 mm19.7
385-31.75x19.05C385001-1/4x3/43600 mm18.0
385-31.75x23.81C385001-1/4x15/163600 mm13.00
385-31.75x23.81C385001-1/4x15/163000 mm17.2
385-34.93x20.00 1C385001-3/8x20 mm3600 mm22.7
385-34.93x23.81C385001-3/8x15/163600 mm18.7
385-38.10x25.40C385001-1/2x13600 mm23.0
385-38.10x30.16C385001-1/2x1-3/163600 mm16.5
385-42.86x30.16C385001-11/16x1-3/163000 mm26.6

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