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Brass Plate

Brass Plate

Product Type: Plate, Alloy C26000, Alloy C27200
Category: Brass

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Brass Plate: Material for Multiple Applications

Known for their blend of durability and aesthetic appeal, are widely utilized in various sectors due to their unique properties. These plates are primarily composed of copper and zinc, with the proportion of these elements varying to create different types of brass, each suited to specific applications.

Australian Metals stock brass in a variety of different alloys and sizes, these change on occassion and we can special order upon request.  We have access to the largest brass plate in the world with exceptional lead times, pricing and min order quantities

Brass Plate

Alloy GradeLengthWidthThicknessWeight (kg)QuantityAdd to Quote
C260001800 mm900 mm6.0 mm82.9 kg/sheet
C260002400 mm1200 mm10.0 mm246.3 kg/sheet
C260003600 mm900 mm6.0 mm166.3 kg/sheet
C272003000 mm1200 mm5.0 mm153.9 kg/sheet
C272003600 mm1200 mm5.0 mm184.7 kg/sheet
C272002400 mm1200 mm5.0 mm123.2 kg/sheet
C260003200 mm1200 mm10.0 mm328.4 kg/sheet
C260002440 mm1220 mm6.0 mm152.8 kg/sheet
C260002000 mm1000 mm16.0 mm274 kg/sheet
C260001800 mm900 mm5.0 mm69.3 kg/sheet
C260003600 mm900 mm5.0 mm138.6 kg/sheet
C260003000 mm1500 mm12.7 mm489 kg/sheet
C270001200 mm660 mm20 mm135.5 kg/sheet
C272002440 mm1220 mm4.0 mm101.9 kg/sheet
C272002440 mm1220 mm8.0 mm203.7 kg/sheet


brass plate



Brass Alloy C26000
Brass Alloy C27000
Brass Alloy C27200
Tensile Strength (MPa)
395 - 460
350 - 450
385 - 455
Hardness Range (Vickers)
110 - 135
110 - 135
110 - 135
Yield Strength (MPa)
310 - 330
290 - 300
IACS Conductivity (%)
Approx. 28
Approx. 27
Approx. 26
Chemical Composition - Copper (Cu)
Approx. 70%
Approx. 65%
Approx. 63%
Chemical Composition - Zinc (Zn)
Approx. 30%
Approx. 35%
Approx. 37%
Chemical Composition - Other Main Elements
below 0.05% each Sn, Ni, Fe
below 0.05% each Sn, Ni, Fe
below 0.05% each Sn, Ni, Fe

Our plate exhibit a range of beneficial properties:

  1. Strength and Durability: They are strong and resist wear and tear, making them suitable for high-traffic areas and applications requiring longevity.
  2. Corrosion Resistance: resist corrosion from water and air, which is crucial in marine and outdoor applications.
  3. Malleability: They can be easily shaped and molded without breaking, allowing for intricate designs and shapes.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: a natural, golden appearance that adds elegance and sophistication to any setting.
  5. Thermal Conductivity: These plates are good conductors of heat, making them useful in applications where heat distribution is necessary.
  6. Electrical Conductivity: Brass is also an effective conductor of electricity, useful in electrical components.

Uses of Brass Plates

  1. Decorative Elements: Brass plates are popular in decorative applications, such as in furniture inlays, door kick plates, and ornamental artworks, due to their attractive finish.
  2. Architectural Applications: They are used for nameplates, signage, and architectural details because of their durability and elegant appearance.
  3. Musical Instruments: Many musical instruments, like cymbals and percussion instruments, used for their acoustic properties.
  4. Electrical Components: Due to their electrical conductivity, brass plates are used in electrical switchgear and components.
  5. Marine Applications: The corrosion resistance of brass plates makes them suitable for marine hardware and fittings.
  6. Heat Exchangers: In industrial settings, their thermal conductivity is advantageous in heat exchange systems.
  7. Engraving and Awards: -often used for engraving plaques and awards because they can be easily etched and polished.


Brass plates require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning with appropriate solutions can maintain their luster. In outdoor or marine environments, periodic polishing and a protective lacquer can extend their life and appearance.


Brass plates are a versatile material choice, offering a combination of strength, malleability, and elegance. Their wide range of applications, from decorative to industrial, highlights their versatility. With their timeless appeal and functional properties, brass plates continue to be a preferred material in various industries.

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