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Brass Sheet

Brass Sheet

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Australian Metals is your premier source for high-quality brass sheets. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive top-notch products, perfect for a wide range of applications. Explore the exemplary images of our brass sheets below, showcasing their exceptional quality and craftsmanship all supplied with or without PE film as required.


Coil ProductLengthWidthThicknessSurface FinishWeight (kg/length)QuantityAdd to Quote
N2400mm1200mm1.6mmmill finish39.5 kg/sheet
N3000mm1200mm1.6mmmill finish49.3 kg/sheet
N3600mm1200mm1.6mmmill finish59.1 kg/sheet
N3000mm1200mm2.0mmmill finish61.6 kg/sheet
N3000mm1200mm2.5mmmill finish77.0 kg/sheet
N1800mm900mm3.0mmmill finish41.6 kg/sheet
N3605mm900mm3.0mmmill finish83.3 kg/sheet
N2400mm1200mm3.0mmmill finish73.9 kg/sheet
N3000mm1200mm3.0mmmill finish92.4 kg/sheet
N3600mm1200mm3.0mmmill finish110.9 kg/sheet
N3000mm1200mm5.0mmmill finish154.0 kg/sheet
N3600mm1200mm5.0mmmill finish184.7 kg/sheet
Y3000mm900mm0.8mmmill finish18.5 kg/sheet
Y3000mm1200mm0.8mmmill finish24.7 kg/sheet
Y3000mm900mm1.0mmmill finish23.1 kg/sheet
Y3000mm1200mm1.0mmmill finish30.8 kg/sheet
Y2400mm1200mm1.0mmmill finish24.7 kg/ sheet
Y3000mm900mm1.2mmmill finish27.7 kg/ sheet
Y2400mm1200mm1.2mmmill finish29.6 kg/ sheet
Y3000mm1200mm1.2mmmill finish37.0 kg/ sheet
Y3000mm900mm1.6mmmill finish37.0 kg/sheet

Please keep in mind we are manufacturers and can cut your sheet to custom length or width to suit your project.


LengthWidthThicknessSurface FinishWeight (kg/length)QuantityAdd to Quote
2000mm600mm2.0mmmill finish20.6 kg/sheet

Our extensive inventory, the biggest range in Australia, caters to projects of all sizes, offering flexibility in sheet dimensions to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re embarking on a smaller project requiring 1000mm x 1000mm sheets or tackling a large-scale endeavour with 6000mm x 1900mm sheets, we have you covered. Please note that the listed sizes serve as a guide, and we strive to update our stock regularly. The sizes listed are our commonly stocked sizes. For confirmation on available sizes or if you require custom dimensions, feel free to give us a call.


Brass Alloy C26130
Brass Alloy C27200
copper (Cu), zinc (Zn) with other elements
copper (Cu), zinc (Zn) with other elements
Copper Content (%)
Approximately 61-63%
Approximately 62-65%
Zinc Content (%)
Approximately 37-39%
Approximately 35-38%
Lead Presence
Low lead content
Corrosion Resistance
Very good


Why Choose Australian Metals for Your Brass Sheet Needs?

  1. Quality Assurance: Our brass sheets are renowned for their superior quality and durability. We adhere to strict quality control measures to guarantee that each sheet meets the highest standards and is sourced ethically, primarily from Europe.
  2. Customized Sheet Sizes: We recognize that projects come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we offer the flexibility to choose sheet dimensions that best suit your requirements. From smaller, more intricate projects to large-scale applications, Australian Metals has the right size for you.
  3. Frequent Stock Updates: We understand the importance of staying informed about stock availability. While we make every effort to update our stock regularly, we recommend calling us or signing up for our newsletter for the latest information on our inventory and new products/opportunities.
  4. Customer Support: Your satisfaction is our priority. If your project demands a unique size or if you have specific requirements, our responsive customer support team is here to assist you. Contact us to discuss your needs, and we’ll work together to find the perfect solution.
  5. Fast Turnaround: From the placement of the order to the customer’s factory, we focus on turnaround speed. Generally speaking, Melbourne same day, Sydney next day, Adelaide next day, Queensland 3-4 days, Western Australia 5-8 days.

Australian Metals goes beyond being a mere supplier; we are your dedicated partner in success. As direct importers and a second-generation family business with manufacturing and materials processing capabilities.

We pride ourselves on believing that if we can’t help our customers with better outcomes in quality and cost that we wouldn’t exist as a company, so explore the possibilities with Australian Metals and discover why we are the leading supplier of brass sheets in the industry.

If your requirements fall outside this scope please contact us to discuss.


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