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Nickel Aluminium Bronze

Bronze C83600 (LG2)

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LG 2 Bronze / Leaded Gunmetal – Solid & Hollow Round

LG2 bronze or Leaded Gunmetal is a commonly used material in bearings, gears and other relatively light working applications. The material is generall continous or centrifugal spun cast (both of these manufacturing methods assure porosity free finishes), supplied in solid and hollow and generally in round formats.  LG2 bronze can be sand cast but isn’t a preferred manufacturing method.

Chemical Composition

Copper (Cu)Tin (Sn)Lead (Pb)Zinc (Zn)Phosphorus (P)Nickel (Ni)Silicon (Si)Aluminium (AL)

Typical Mechanical Properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength280 MPa
Elongation30 %
Typical Hardness70 BHN
Machinability84 %
Proof Strength115 MPa

LG 2 Bronze Solids

Item CodeImperial SizeWeightQuantityAdd to Quote
836-12.73/41.42 kg/meter
836-15.885/82.13 kg/meter
836-19.053/42.97 kg/meter
836-22.227/83.96 kg/meter
836-25.415.08 kg/meter
836-28.581-1/86.37 kg/meter
836-31.751-1/47.72 kg/meter
836-34.931-3/89.31 kg/meter
836-38.11-1/211.02 kg/meter
836-41.281-5/812.84 kg/meter
836-44.451-3/414.82 kg/meter
836-47.631-7/817.20 kg/meter
836-50.8219.17 kg/meter
836-57.152-1/424.12 kg/meter
836-63.52-1/229.63 kg/meter
836-69.852-3/435.74 kg/meter
836-76.2342.37 kg/meter
836-82.553-1/449.57 kg/meter
836-88.93-1/257.35 kg/meter
836-95.253-3/465.70 kg/meter
836-101.6474.58 kg/meter
836-107.954-1/484.05 kg/meter
836-114.34-1/294.08 kg/meter
836-1275114.81 kg/meter
836-139.75-1/2140.60 kg/meter
836-152.46164.68 kg/meter
836-165.16-1/2197.35 kg/meter
836-177.87229.68 kg/meter
836-203.28295.94 kg/meter
836-228.69372.90 kg/meter
836-25410459.02 kg/meter
836-27911562.57 kg/meter


LG 2 Bronze Hollows


Item CodeImperial Size ODImperial Size IDMetric Sizes ODMetric Sizes IDWeightQuantityAdd to Quote
836 25.40x12.7011/225.40 mm12.7 mm3.99 kg/meter
836 25.40x19.0513/425.40 mm19.05 mm2.72 kg/meter
836 28.58x19.053/428.58 mm19.05 mm3.96 kg/meter
836 31.75x12.701/231.75 mm12.70 mm6.61 kg/meter
836 31.75x19.053/431.75 mm19.05 mm5.34 kg/meter
836 31.75x25.4031.75 mm25.40 mm3.51 kg/meter
836 34.93x25.4034.93mm25.40 mm5.03 kg/meter
836 38.10x12.701/238.10 mm12.70 mm9.79 kg/meter
836 38.10x19.053/438.10 mm19.05mm8.52 kg/meter
836 38.10x25.4038.10 mm25.40 mm6.69 kg/meter
836 41.28x31.7541.28 mm31.75 mm6.09 kg/meter
836 44.45x19.053/4 mm44.45 mm19.05 mm12.26 kg/meter
836 44.45x25.4044.45 mm25.40 mm10.43 kg/meter
836 44.45x31.7544.45 mm31.75 mm8.03 kg/meter
836 44.45x38.1044.45 mm38.10 mm5.08 kg/meter
836-50.80x12.7021/250.80 mm12.70 mm18.35 kg/meter
836-50.80x19.0523/450.80 mm19.05 mm16.56 kg/meter
836-50.80x25.40250.80 mm25.40 mm14.73 kg/meter
836-50.80x31.75250.80 mm31.75 mm12.34 kg/meter
836-50.80x38.10250.80 mm38.10 mm9.38 kg/meter
836-50.80x44.45250.80 mm44.45 mm5.87 kg/meter
836-57.15x19.053/457.15 mm19.05 mm14.73 kg/meter
836-57.15x25.40157.15 mm25.40 mm19.59 kg/meter
836-57.15x31.7557.15 mm31.75 mm17.20 kg/meter
836-57.15x38.1057.15 mm38.10 mm14.25 kg/meter
836-57.15x50.80257.15 mm50.80 mm6.65 kg/meter
836-63.50x19.053/463.50 mm19.05 mm26.85 kg/meter
836-63.50x25.40163.50 mm25.40 mm25.02 kg/meter
836-63.50x50.80263.50 mm50.80 mm12.08 kg/meter
836-69.85x25.40169.85 mm25.40 mm31.01 kg/meter
836-69.85x31.7569.85 mm31.75 mm28.62 kg/meter
836-69.85x38.1069.85 mm38.10 mm25.66 kg/meter
836-69.85x44.4569.85 mm44.45 mm22.14 kg/meter
836-69.85x50.80269.85 mm50.80 mm18.07 kg/meter
836-69.85x57.1569.85 mm57.15 mm13.43 kg/meter
836-76.20x25.403176.20 mm25.40 mm37.56 kg/meter
836-76.20x31.75376.20 mm31.75 mm35.17 kg/meter
836-76.20x38.10376.20 mm38.10 mm38.10 kg/meter
836-76.20x44.45376.20 mm44.45 mm28.69 kg/meter
836-76.20x50.803276.20 mm50.80 mm24.62 kg/meter
836-76.20x57.20376.20 mm57.20 mm19.98 kg/meter
836-76.20x63.50376.20 mm63.50 mm14.78 kg/meter
836-82.55x25.40182.55 mm25.40 mm44.67 kg/meter
836-82.55x38.1082.55 mm38.10 mm39.32 kg/meter
836-82.55x44.45182.55 mm44.45 mm35.81 kg/meter
836-82.55x50.80282.55 mm50.80 mm31.73 kg/meter
836-82.55x63.5082.55 mm63.50 mm21.89 kg/meter
836-82.55x69.8582.55 mm69.85 mm16.12 kg/meter
836-88.90x25.40188.90 mm25.40 mm52.34 kg/meter
836-88.90x38.10188.90 mm38.10 mm47.00 kg/meter
836-88.90x44.4588.90 mm44.45 mm43.48 kg/meter
836-88.90x50.80288.90 mm50.80 mm39.40 kg/meter
836-88.90x57.2088.90 mm57.20 mm34.76 kg/meter
836-88.90x63.5088.90 mm63.50 mm29.56 kg/meter
836-88.90x69.85188.90 mm69.85 mm23.80 kg/meter
836-88.90x76.20388.90 mm76.20 mm17.47 kg/meter
836-95.25x50.80288.90 mm50.80 mm47.64 kg/meter
836-95.25x63.5088.90 mm63.50 mm37.79 kg/meter
836-95.25x69.8588.90 mm69.85 mm32.03 kg/meter
836-95.25x76.20388.90 mm76.20 mm25.71 kg/meter
836-101.60x25.4041101.60 mm25.40 mm70.72 kg/meter
836-101.60x38.104101.60 mm38.10 mm65.50 kg/meter
836-101.60x50.8042101.60 mm50.80 mm58.04 kg/meter
836-101.60x63.504101.60 mm63.50 mm48.34 kg/meter
836-101.60x69.854101.60 mm69.85 mm42.64 kg/meter
836-101.60x76.2043101.60 mm76.20 mm36.38 kg/meter
836-101.60x88.904101.60 mm88.90 mm22.18 kg/meter
836-114.30x38.10114.30 mm38.10 mm87.12 kg/meter
836-114.30x50.802114.30 mm50.80 mm77.46 kg/meter
836-114.30x76.203114.30 mm76.20 mm55.80 kg/meter
836-114.30x101.604114.30 mm101.60 mm25.15 kg/meter
836-114.30x 63.50114.30 mm63.50 mm67.75 kg/meter
836-114.30x 88.90114.30 mm88.90 mm41.60 kg/meter
836-120.65x50.802120.65mm50.80 mm87.71 kg/meter
836-127.00x50.8052127.00 mm50.80 mm99.12 kg/meter
836-127.00x63.505127.00 mm63.50 mm89.41 kg/meter
836-127.00x76.2053127.00 mm76.20 mm77.46 kg/meter
836-127.00x88.905127.00 mm88.90 mm63.26 kg/meter
836-127.00x101.6054127.00 mm101.60 mm46.81 kg/meter
836-139.70x50.802139.70 mm50.80 mm124.53 kg/meter
836-139.70x63.50139.70 mm63.50 mm114.91 kg/meter
836-139.70x76.203139.70 mm76.20 mm103.04 kg/meter
836-139.70x88.90139.70 mm88.90 mm88.92 kg/meter
836-139.70x101.604139.70 mm101.60 mm72.55 kg/meter
836-139.70x114.30139.70 mm114.30 mm53.94 kg/meter
836-152.40x50.8062152.40 mm50.80 mm150.80 kg/meter
836-152.40x76.2063152.40 mm76.20 mm129.30 kg/meter
836-152.40x88.906152.40 mm88.90 mm115.18 kg/meter
836-152.40x101.6064152.40 mm101.60 mm98.81 kg/meter
836-152.40x114.306152.40 mm114.30 mm80.20 kg/meter
836-152.40x127.0065152.40 mm127.00 mm59.84 kg/meter
836-165.10x101.604165.10 mm101.60 mm128.63 kg/meter
836-165.10x114.30165.10 mm114.30 mm110.07 kg/meter
836-165.10x127.005165.10 mm127.00 mm89.27 kg/meter
836-165.10x 139.70165.10 mm139.70 mm66.21 kg/meter
836-177.80x76.203177.80 mm76.20 mm189.83 kg/meter
836-177.80x127.0075177.80 mm127.00 mm120.09 kg/meter
836-177.80x139.70177.80 mm139.70 mm99.00 kg/meter
836-177.80x152.406177.80 mm152.40 mm71.74 kg/meter
836-190.50x101.604190.50 mm101.60 mm192.52 kg/meter
836-190.50x139.70190.50 mm139.70 mm132.40 kg/meter
836-190.50x152.406190.50 mm152.40 mm104.80 kg/meter
836-203.20x101.604203.20 mm101.60 mm227.84 kg/meter
836-203.20x127.005203.20 mm127.00mm188.47 kg/meter
836-203.20x152.406203.20 mm152.40 mm140.12 kg/meter
836-203.20x177.80203.20 mm177.80 mm82.78 kg/meter
836-215.90x177.80215.90 mm177.80 mm129.20 kg/meter
836-228.60x152.406228.60 mm152.40 mm217.49 kg/meter
836-228.60x177.80228.60 mm177.80 mm160.15 kg/meter
836-228.60x203.2098228.60 mm203.20 mm93.83 kg/meter
836-254.00x127.00105254.00 mm127.00 mm352.21 kg/meter
836-254.00x152.40106254.00 mm152.40 mm303.85 kg/meter
836-254.00x177.8010254.00 mm177.80 mm246.51 kg/meter
836-254.00x203.2010254.00 mm203.20 mm180.19 kg/meter
836-254.00x228.60254.00 mm228.60 mm104.87 kg/meter
836-279.40x177.80279.40 mm177.80 mm341.86 kg/meter
836-279.40x203.20279.40 mm203.20 mm275.53 kg/meter
836-279.40x228.60279.40 mm228.60 mm200.22 kg/meter
836-304.80x152.412304.80 mm152.4 mm503.54 kg/meter
836-304.80x203.2012304.80 mm203.20 mm379.87 kg/meter
836-304.80x228.6012304.80 mm228.60 mm304.55 kg/meter
836-304.80x254.001210304.80 mm254.00 mm220.25 kg/meter
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