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Bronze Sheet

Bronze Sheet

Product Type: Sheet, Alloy C51000, Alloy C51900
Category: Bronze

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While Australian Metals can offer all listed stock below, we also have capabilities to draw lengths of material from our fee stocks.  This means we can provide bronze in sheet form upto 400mm wide in thicknesses from 0.3mm to 2mm also in a variety of tempers.

These sizes are a guide and we may have more or less stock listed as we try to update as frequently as possible, please call for confirmation.


LengthWidthThicknessWeightQuantityAdd to Quote
2000 mm300 mm0.3 mm1.58 kg/sheet
2000 mm300 mm0.4 mm2.11 kg/sheet
2000 mm300 mm0.5 mm2.64 kg/sheet
2000 mm300 mm0.6 mm3.17 kg/sheet
2000 mm300 mm0.8 mm4.22 kg/sheet
2000 mm300 mm1 mm5.28 kg/sheet
2000 mm300 mm1.2 mm6.34 kg/sheet
2000 mm300 mm1.6 mm7.92 kg/sheet
2000 mm300 mm2.0 mm10.56 kg/sheet
2000 mm300 mm2.5 mm13.20 kg/sheet
2000 mm300 mm3.0 mm15.84 kg/sheet
3000 mm300 mm2.5 mm19.24 kg/sheet
3000 mm300 mm3.0 mm23.09 kg/sheet
3600 mm1200 mm3.0 mm115.1 kg/sheet

Bronze Sheet


Additional Info

Australian Metals have capabilities to slit, cut to length & apply PVC.

If your requirements fall outside this scope please contact us to discuss

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