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Copper Strip

Copper Strip

Product Type: Strip, Alloy C11000, Alloy C12200, Alloy C10200
Category: Copper

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Australian Metals are manufacturers, we supply product to order at customer request with short lead times and small minimum order quantities

Alloys – C11000, C12200 & C10200 (additional options upon request)
Width & Thickness – Widths 4mm – 400mm and Thicnkesses 0.1mm – 6mm (Refer to image below)
Temper – All width & thicknesses can be provided in any required temper from full soft to full hard
Lead times – Generally 1-2 weeks
Coil ID – Ability to re-coil to customer specified ID from 50mm – 500mm
Quantities – Minimum Orders from 10Kg to over 2000Kg

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Copper Strip

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