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Wide Coil Copper

Wide Coil Copper

Product Type: Wide Coil, KME Copper, Alloy C12200
Category: Copper

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KME Copper wide coil, available in 1/2 Hard and Full soft temper.

This product is widely used for architectural and roofing application

Australian Metals has capabilities to supply custom widths and also custom lengths or weights that can reduce the cost of excess material and scrap rates

Below are commonly stocked sizes that can be reworked to suit your application if required, any length and slit to any width

WidthThicknessWeightQuantityAdd to Quote
1200 mm1.2 mm9.66 kg/m
1200 mm0.9 mm9.66 kg/m
1200 mm0.7 mm7.50 kg/m
1200 mm0.55 mm5.90 kg/m
1000 mm0.7 mm5.36 kg/m
1000 mm0.55 mm4.92 kg/m

Additional Info

If material surface protection is important please consider our PVC microfilm to reduce exposure to dust & damage

With all coil purchases to Melbourne customers we provide free cardboard liner pickup

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