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Brass Round, Square & Hex

Brass Round & Square

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Australian Metals have a variety of sizes, alloys, shapes and quantities of brass round bar, brass square bar and brass hexagon bar.

We continually grow our stocks and all sizes may not be listed.

Currently an example of readily available sizes below,

Brass Round Bar

Item CodeAlloy GradeDiameterLengthWeight (kg)QuantityAdd to Quote
BR385/3.18mm rodC385003.18 mm3600 mm0.3 kg
BR385/4.76mm rodC385004.76 mm3600 mm0.6 kg
BR385/5.56mm rodC385005.56 mm3600 mm0.8 kg
BR385/6.35mm rodC385006.35 mm3600 mm1.0 kg
BR385/6mm RodC385006 mm3600 mm0.8 kg
BR385/7mm RodC385007 mm3600 mm1.0 kg
BR385/8mm RodC385008 mm3600 mm1.3 kg
BR385/9.53mm rodC385009.53 mm3600 mm2.2 kg
BR385/10mm RodC3850010 mm3600 mm2.0 kg
BR385/11.11mm rodC3850011.11 mm3600 mm3.0 kg
BR385/12.7mm RodC3850012.7 mm3600 mm3.9 kg
BR385/15.88mm rodC3850015.88 mm3600 mm6.1 kg
BR385/16mm RodC3850016 mm3600 mm5.2 kg
BR385/17.46mm rodC3850017.46 mm3600 mm7.4 kg
BR385/19.05mm rodC3850019.05 mm3600 mm8.8 kg
BR385/25.4mm RodC3850025.4 mm3600 mm15.5 kg
BR385/31.75mm RodC3850031.75 mm3600 mm24.2 kg
BR385/38.1mm rodC3850038.1 mm3600 mm34.8 kg
BR385/40mm RodC3850040 mm3000 mm32.0 kg
BR385/45mm RodC3850045 mm3000 mm40.5 kg
BR385/50.8mm rodC3850050.8 mm3000 mm49.9 kg
BR385/63.5mm rodC3850063.5 mm3000 mm80.5 kg
BR385/65mm RodC3850065 mm3000 mm84.4 kg
BR385/70mm rodC3850070 mm3000 mm97.8 kg
BR385/76.2mm rodC3850076.2 mm3000 mm116.0 kg
BR385/80mm rodC3850080 mm3000 mm128.0 kg
BR385/85mm rodC3850085 mm3000 mm144.5 kg
BR385/90mm rodC3850090 mm3000 mm161.8 kg
BR385/101.6mm RodC38500101.6 mm2200 mm151.0 kg


Brass Square Bar

Item CodeAlloy GradeDimensionsLengthWeight (kg)QuantityAdd to Quote
B385/6.35mm squareC385006.35 mm x 6.35 mm3600 mm1.3 kg
B385/12.7mm squareC3850012.7 mm x 12.7 mm3600 mm5.0 kg
B385/19.05mm squareC3850019.05 mm x 19.05 mm3600 mm11.1 kg
B385/25.4mm squareC3850025.4 mm x 25.4 mm3600 mm19.7 kg
B385/31.75mm squareC3850031.75 mm x 31.75 mm3600 mm30.8 kg
B385/50.8mm squareC3850050.8 mm x 50.8 mm3600 mm78.7 kg
BR385/9.53mm squareC385009.53mm x 9.53mm3600 mm2.77 kg


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